Description of the trip

The trip starts from Igalo at 7:00am. Minibus go through the town and picks up the passengers.

We arrive in  Kotor  at 8:00am where you have 1 hour of free time. This unique  medieval town  is the part of the world cultural and natural heritage. You will see the Cathedral of St. Tryphon, a maritime museum, numerous palaces and squares.

On our way to Lovćen we will go through  Njeguši, the birthplace of the montenegrian most  famous ruler, Petar II Petrović  Njegoš , also recognized as a place where the famous “njeguš ham”  is made.

With this trip you will enrich your photo-album with the exciting panoramic photos, for the tour includes stop on the most beautifull viewpoint in Montenegro

Our next destination is Lovćen. Expected arrival is at 10:30am. As a national park and with the famous  Njegos mausoleum on its summit, Lovćen is the most famous mountain of Montenegro. Free time:   1.30 hours

Every Montenegrin will tell you “Who was not in Cetinje, he was not in Montenegro” . Because of that do not  miss the opportunity to meet the most important town in history of Montenegro and its numerous cultural and historical monuments. Free time:  1.30 hours

Expected arrival in Herceg Novi is at 5:00pm

  • Price

    Price of this trip is 40.00 euros

Price includes:

  • Transport with the airconditioned minibus.
  • Tasting of the national specialties.
  • Travel insurance.

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